it is best to be on the safe side

it is best to be on the safe side

1668 DRYDEN & NEWCASTLE Sir Martin Mar-all V. i. I’m resolv’d to be on the sure side.

1811 J. AUSTEN Sense & Sensibility III. iv. Determining to be on the safe side, he made his apology in form as soon as he could say any thing.

1847 MARRYAT Children of New Forest I. xi. Be on the safe side, and do not trust him too far.

1935 L. I. WILDER Little House on Prairie iii. Best to be on the safe side, it saves trouble in the end.

1981 Economist 28 Nov. 100 The Rowland-Molina hypothesis about the damaging effects of CFCs has not been disproved, so it is best to be on the safe side.

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